Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Which Came First...

Sometimes I tend to be a little backwards...

I see things I like and I LOVE to take pictures...but those pictures don't always translate into inspiration for new artwork.

Take the above for instance, I took the picture because I thought the cactus looked cool...probably in the hopes that it would inspire some kind of creative thought. Then I played around with the color and composition... just because it felt right to my eye.

Then take the necklace...I made that long before I even took the picture of the cactus and yet when shown together, to me, it looks like the photo was the inspiration for the jewelry design.

Which brings up a question...was the creation of the piece of art actually the inspiration for the photograph? Interesting idea. Like the design of the completed necklace was stored in my head and prompted me to snap this shot.

A stretch? Maybe. But the mind works in strange ways...so who knows?

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