Monday, December 15, 2008

Montessori - The 5 Great Lessons in Ceramics

The Five Great Lessons are detailed in a series of stories and lessons that are designed to provide an understanding of the history of the universe with a focus on humankind's place in that continuing story.

The Lessons are divided into five unique parts:

A. The Story of the Universe;

B. Life Comes to Earth;

C. The Coming of Humans;

D. The Story of Writing (or Language);

E. The Story of Numbers (Mathematics).

I painted these ceramic pieces last spring for a silent auction fundraiser held by my son's school. (Quest Montessori)

The designs were inspired by a wonderful all school project the children worked on based on the The 5 Great Lessons.

Cosmic education in the Montessori curriculum sets the stage to develop more caring and peaceful citizens. Throughout all subjects, the Montessori teacher has the opportunity to instill in her students a sense of being connected to all things in the universe.

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