Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jewelry Display Idea - Antique Store Finds

Shabby chic jewelry displays!

I found this shallow, white, coated metal, scroll, basket at an antique store I enjoy to poking around in. I liked it and it was very inexpensive so I bought it...knowing I would figure some way to utilize it.

Then at another store...a little later on, I found a tall metal candle holder...aha!

I wired the White basket on top of the candle "tower" and interesting, versatile display.

It gives my show display some height and saves valuable table space.

I can put items in the basket, stack another display on top or hang necklaces and bracelets from the scroll hooks. I can layer items in front and sometimes I even put it on a lazy susan so it can spin.

If you see something you can always find a way to incorporate it into your life!

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