Saturday, December 27, 2008

ASID Casita Showhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona

This was a really interesting job I did back when I lived in Scottsdale.

The ASID created a designer showhouse at a historic hotel...transforming the individual casista into one of a kind showplaces. Designers bid for the opportunity to create a special space.

Three designers that I worked with on a regular basis were chosen to participate and so my handi-work was sprinkled throughout this project.

This was a section of one casita I did some decorative painting in.
For the walls, I aged and washed them with color. I hand cut custom stencils inspired by the fabric choices and used them around the bed room room and in the bath room. Then I painted a mural on wood planks which was used as a headboard.

I also gave the ceiling a splash of color in a cobalt blue and aged the wood beams.

With recent snow storms here in New England...this looks like a cozy place to snuggle up.

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