Sunday, April 6, 2008

Revelations: Freedom of Etsy!

What a wonderful thing Etsy is for an artist...especially an artist that has her hand in lots of crafts and uses many mediums.

A site like this gives you the creative freedom to express yourself and your vision based on your desires and whims.

I have sold my art in various forms for many years and there was always some kind of restriction...taste of the shop buyer or owner, preference of the targeted customer, cost guidelines or quantity needs.

Sometimes, for me, it could get stifling creatively. Like boundaries that I needed to stay inside. Having to worry about pleasing someone else.

I think Etsy opens an avenue to unleash creativity.

Even though I still wholesale to shops, still have private shows and still do art fairs, I have been waking up my art at a deeper level with my new little shop. It feels amazing.

Knowing I have a venue to do whatever I myself in a way that feels right to me.

Check back often to see how my style, mood and materials change and evolve.

Be back soon!


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