Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RESOURCE: The Birth of a Business Card

I always have a battle with the part of me that says “more is better”…especially when it comes to designing my business cards!

It’s funny because when I see other people’s cards that are clean and sparse…I love them. Then when it comes time for me to reorder or update mine, I run out of room trying to fit tons of info on “just in case”.

I made quick cards when I opened my shop on Etsy but they didn’t have my blog address and I didn’t really love them. The good news is I did use them all up.

I ordered Moo cards ( which I just received and LOVE! So cool…but a bit expensive to hand out in stacks.

So a new card…hmm…my goal was to
* stay simple
* use less words
* use more images of my work

Above was the planning of the design and below is the finished product…
I think it shows growth for a “word addict”!

Be back soon,


Allison said...

I've been making my cards out of recycled materials. I love seeing your notes at the top. Works in progress always interest me.

Melissa Aubrey said...

They look great!