Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From Idea to Item

I was cleaning up my studio recently and found all of these...

They were in separate places and I thought it would be interesting to show the progression together.

I wish I knew where my original sketches are...that would have been cool to see with this.

Now that I thing of it, I actually think they may be in a very early post on here.

Found it... http://creativepotentialblog.blogspot.com/2009/01/birth-of-custom-jewelry-design-giraffe.html

Anyway, this design for a client went like this....

* I did a series of quick, ink sketches inspired by my client wanting a giraffe logo.

* Then I passed my sketches on to my friend who is a designer that was going to create a website and "brand" for this client.

* She played with my sketches and sent a logo idea back to me.

* Then I created this card stock template from that design.

* I used the template to make a couple of charms in Metal Clay to show my client.

* Once it was approved, I sculpted the charm in clay to give to my pewter casting guy.

* He used my mold to create a cast and made multiple charms in lead-free pewter.

* Then I had the charms gold and silver plated.

* Once done I added the split rings and the charms were attached to either a key ring or stick pin.

* They were packaged with a custom designed display card and slipped into a protective sleeve.

So, there you have it...from start to finish!

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