Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been a while...

...and I am feeling a bit frustrated.
Needing, wanting to do something creative and having some kind of block.
It's almost painful. Like a loss. I have been sitting with it, waiting, trying not to force anything, let it flow...
but nothing is coming out.

It is swirling around inside of me feeling trapped. In my stomach...then up to my head, down my arms...back up...trying to find an exit.

I have never felt quite like this before. The creative juices always poured freely out of me in the form of many mediums/styles/techniques. This is new and uncomfortable.

Any wisdom, guidance, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

- from a greatful heart

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gretchen said...

i have felt this way, too.
it could be the way too long winter, not enough sunshine (i'm in the PNW) or shoot, maybe you need some vitamins. ;o) Talking with other artists can help, too.

A very long time ago, i took a workshop from a printmaker and when asked what she did when the inspiration just wasn't there...she said work on technique. It'll get your hands busy and can start the magic going again. That way at least, you don't feel unproductive.
good luck!