Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Winter Cycle

Well, I didn't intend for it to be almost two months since my last post...but wow that time went fast.

Between the change of season, the end of 3rd grade for my son, the end of my job (for the summer) at my son's school, my husband being home for leave from Afghanistan, my mother-in-law visiting, my other son turning 18 and graduating from High School and an extended vacation with my family (that I am currently on) my blog and artwork have taken a back seat.

I read something interesting today in the magazine "Artful Blogging" that hit home for me regarding this artistic hiatus.

One of the articles described a period like this as a "Winter Cycle" in the creative process. (

I get makes sense to me...I feel it...and I agree.

I have been busy taking pictures I want to share and have been stocking up on ideas and thoughts that are beginning to bubble up. There are seeds that are beginning to sprout and break through this dormant period.

I could have fought this lull. Felt bad about it. Worried about it. Tried to "fix" it...but I have found that riding the wave is so much better. I find that quiet period to be rejuvenating and fertile. I trust in my creative rhythm and know that I am right where I am supposed to be.

Something will unfold...not sure what...but I am excited to find out!
Thanks for waiting...


Leah said...

hooray for trusting in our creative rhythms! glad you enjoyed the article too.

your jewelry is gorgeous, by the way!

Creative Potential said...

Thank you for your complement!

I feel the same about your artwork.