Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspirational Jewelry - Goddess of Strength Necklace

Worn close to your heart, this sleek set makes a personal statement.
It includes three sterling silver pendants hanging from an 18" sterling silver chain.
Each pendant has two distinct sides...on one side the words
Dignity, Empowerment and Respect
are hand carved.
On the flip side of each is a different hand crafted texture.
Each piece is signed and retains it's natural organic feel.
Each set is package in a small, hand sewn colorful felt pouch and tied with an organza ribbon. Included is a vellum card that says the following:
Dignity, Empowerment, Respect Words to live by, handcrafted in sterling silver. Wear all three proudly together or individually. Two distinct sides...inspirational words and hand carved patterns
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